Monday, December 6, 2021

Heavy Vehicle Training Centre project faces stiff opposition from local villagers

Villagers hold Gram Sabha in Kashidih, vow to not allow work on project

Jamshedpur: The proposed construction of a Heavy Vehicle Training Centre in Belajuri panchayat in Mango Circle of East Singhbhum is drawing ire of the local villagers.

A meeting of 70 representatives held a Gram Sabha on Sunday at Kashidih. The villagers taking part in the meeting made it clear that they would not allow construction of a heavy vehicle training centre at the site at any cost.

They also alleged that the district administration has decided to set up that centre at the place without seeking the approval of the Gram Sabha.

He said that the activities relating to the proposed centre is causing damage to the crops and the presence of outsiders is also affecting the social situation of the rural area.

It may be added that the scheme was approved way back in 2015. But, work started on this project only in December 2019. But, the villagers soon protested and halted the work on the project.

Now, once again, work has begun on the project and the villagers are again showing agitation. They say that they would not allow the project to go ahead at any cost.

The project is likely to see a stiff opposition from the locals and there is an apprehension that the project may again be further delayed.

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