Coronavirus vaccine

New Delhi: The Union government has started preparations for Coronavirus vaccination programme with an aim to smoothen the process much before the task begins. The Union government has asked the states to put different committees in place to ensure that the vaccination programme, whenever it starts, begins without a hitch and also gets acceptance in different communities.

The Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan has sent a letter to the state and union territories asking them to set up necessary committees that can start and examine the preparations in terms of cold Chain facilities, operations and possibility of reaching remotest of locations.

Rajesh Bhushan has advised the states to form a State Steering Committee that should be chaired by the Chief Secretary himself. He also advised to form a State Task Force to be headed by CS or Principal Secretary (Health) and a District Task Force to be headed by the DM.

The suggestion is that these committees should co-ordinate between all the departments and devise action plan for improved coverage of vaccination programme whenever that begins.

There would be a reward and punishment scheme too to ensure that best performing districts or wards etc get recognised.

According to health department buzz, the Coronavirus vaccination programme may continue for a full year and therefore it is necessary to put a mechanism in place.

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The District Task Force will monitor progress of the vaccination programme as well as the beneficiaries and will also look after the training needs of the Human Resources involved in the vaccination programme.

With the Union government prompting the states to start working for putting a solid mechanism in place for the vaccination programme, the states too have swung into action. Many states are in the process of forming various committees as instructed by the central government.

The vaccination programme would begin with clear prioritisation. Health workers and vulnerable populations are likely to be vaccinated first.

The number of coronavirus active cases has been on the decline in the country. However, it is still hovering somewhere below 6 lakh.

On the other hand, most of the countries in Europe are on the brink of facing a second wave. Most European countries have announced restrictions. UK’s PM has announced a month-long lockdown to avoid more deaths.

Coronavirus pandemic is also likely to have an impact on the US Presidential elections results.


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