Corona numbers holding up post Durga Puja, now Diwali, Chhath crucial: Dr. Rajan Chaudhry

Recovery rate moves up to 88.82, new admissions down to 38, deaths only 9 in a week

Corona can be defeated only with ‘masks and social distancing’

Jamshedpur: Coronavirus pandemic is showing a rapid descending trend in Jamshedpur and if we continue to take precautions even during the next few festivals, we may succeed in leaving the pandemic behind us without much further damage. The oncoming festivals like Diwali and Chhath are occasions when crowding may take place and citizens need to continue wearing masks, comply with social distancing measures and avoid crowded places.

Giving details about the TMH’s fight against coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Rajan Chaudhry, Advisor, Medical Services, Tata Steel today said in an interaction with the media that numbers are definitely showing a downward trend.

He said: “If we compare with the last week’s numbers, then we are improving a lot as far as Covid-19 is concerned. This trend is being seen all over the country, except a few places like Delhi, where spikes are being seen. As far as Jamshedpur is concerned, our recovery rate has moved to 88.82. Last week, it was 87.32.”

Giving the numbers relating to Covid-19 patients, he said: “Till now, we have admitted 3,855 covid patients. Last week only 38 were admitted. So, that is how the trend is going on. In the week before last week, 73 patients were admitted and the decline in numbers is significant.”

He further added: “In TMH, till now 71,256 covid tests have been done, out of which 45,494 were RT PCR tests, while remaining were RAT and other types of tests. As far as positivity rate is concerned, it is 4.05 for RT PCR and 2 pc for RAT. Last week, it was 4.88 and 2.06 for RAT. So, the slight decline is a good sign.”

Talking about deaths due to Coronavirus infection, he said: “Deaths in TMH due to corona have also come down significantly. Last week, it was 8 and this week it is 9. This is marginal variation and is not such a big thing.”

He said: “Post-Covid Care and Counselling Centre is functioning well and till now 292 patients have come to it. Most patients at this Centre, about 60 pc, are complaining of post-covid fatigue syndrome. A significant number, around 10 pc, of the patients are also complaining of respiratory pneumonia and pulmonary fibrosis. This figure is also similar to those from the previous week. Pulmonary function tests have been started for the respiratory complaints too.”

Talking about good indications from the numbers, he said: “Now that puja holidays and celebrations are over, today is the 5th day and the numbers are still holding and in that sense we are very lucky. And I appeal to all citizens to continue to follow the precautions through Diwali and Chhath festivals too. And if we follow the precautions, i.e. wear masks, keep social distancing and avoid crowded places, then we may be able to see through these challenges too.

He said that the infection of doctors, nurses and para medical staff too has come down.

He said: “We are giving break to the doctors, nurses and para-medics, who had not gone on leave for six months. We have given them break, so that they can refresh too.”

Talking about steps being taken in TMH now, he said: “OPD re-structuring is on. Super specialty has started. And we are slowly opening up other specialties one by one. Since IT is also involved in this, as the booking for these services is done online, it is being restructured and we are adding new services every day. Operations too have been re-started.”

He said: “At present we have 68 covid patients admitted in TMH. All our operational wards have beds. We have got the wards cleaned. All the covid wards have 100% oxygen supply system. We will have 100% beds with oxygen supply.”

He further added: “Once the covid pandemic is over, the non-covid patients too would benefit. Because of oxygen is supplied through pipeline till bed then the problem of carrying cylinder etc would be over.“

Cautioning the citizens, he said: “There is only one way to fight corona and that is to continue to take precautions. The oncoming festivals are important. Our appeal is to continue social distancing, to wear masks and to avoid crowded places.”

Runa Rajeev Kumar, Head, Corporate Communications, Tata Seel moderated the teleconference.


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