Coronavirus Vaccine: The World Waits

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With Coronavirus again spreading its wings in Europe and several other countries in what is being billed as second wave of the pandemic, all eyes are on vaccine development now. While, vaccine is still a far-fetched expectation for most experts of the world, in India, an expected arrival of the vaccine has already become a hot poll issue.

Inthis Podcast, Town Post takes a look at the stage of development of the vaccine and its repercussions.

This is one vaccine that is perhaps the most awaited the world-over since after those for small Pox and polio. However, it is still very uncertain and unpredictable. Although more than 100 vaccine candidates are being tested in different laboratories of the world and are at different phases of development, it is still too early to say that humanity would succeed in its quest for a perfect weapon against one of the biggest pandemics in recent human history.

Vaccine has become a hotly debated subject for most of the countries in the world.

There are many experts who feel that a vaccine would not be possible for everyone till a few months into the next year.

Back in India, vaccine has become a hotly debated electoral issue. While the NDA leaders have promised free vaccine for everyone in the elections, today the union minister Pratap Sarangi had to clarify that all people of the country, and not only those from Bihar, will be given free Covid vaccine.

The BJP promise of a free Covid vaccine for Bihar, where assembly polls are slated to be held this week, had caused a political storm as the opposition parties flayed it saying that it was taking advantage of the pandemic in elections.

Meanwhile, there are some experts who are also cautioning against showing any haste in the development of a vaccine.

They feel that any haste may prove dangerous for a large number of people and safety must be given utmost importance.

So, while the entire world is keeping its fingers crossed, we at Town Post sincerely hope that the humanity does find a solution to this deadly disease and provides relief to crores of people who have been forced to live under full and semi lockdown conditions for several months.

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