Jamshedpur Admn on alert mode as coronavirus threat looms large

Second wave risk worries experts in India too as Europe struggles with resurge in infections

Jamshedpur: It is not for nothing that most of the doctors and experts have been issuing warnings to the general public to stay cautious during the festive season.

We have been warned by no less than the Prime Minister himself through a special address just before the pujas that we must remain vigilant not to help spread coronavirus during the festivities lest we squander all the advantages that we gathered due to austerities during the last eight months.

And the festive season does not start or end with Durga Pujas. They extend up to Christmas and New Year and include picnic and other winter gatherings.

There is a real reason for concern. As Dr. Rajan Chaudhry, Advisor, Medical Services, Tata Steel has repeatedly warned through the media, the virus has a tendency of coming and stalking in waves. We have barely succeeded in crossing the peak of the first wave. Are we in a position to go through a second wave soon?

The common citizen on the street is just oblivious of the dangers and the risks involved. He feels since the current wave of the disease seems to be slowing down, the pandemic might as well be over.

However, this wrong notion is really completely misplaced if one goes by the advice of the experts as well as experiences from the other parts of the world.

Coronavirus cases have suddenly shown a renewed jump in Italy and the capital Rome has announced a night curfew and the country may also announce a second lockdown as the second wave of the pandemic razes through the country.

Italy has lost nearly 37,000 people since February to the pandemic and has been witness to the fierce fury of the virus.

Entire Europe is fearing a strong second wave as the winter season approaches fast.

Spain too is on the verge of declaring a national state of emergency so that curfews can be imposed. The country has recorded more than a million cases of coronavirus.

In our country, the pandemic seems to be receding a little. And the people are either not aware, or are not too anxious about the second wave as they go about their daily lives. This is mainly because they are not even out of the first wave and are yet to experience anything resembling second wave.

Ignorance is no bliss, however. Second wave is a real threat. And while the city administration is observing caution to see through the first wave, the citizens would have a big responsibility to ensure that the first wave actually subsides and the second wave is averted till the virus fizzles out on its own or we get hold of a vaccine to ward the virus off.


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