Thursday, January 20, 2022

Adolescent girls of Potka resolve to fight child marriage

Yuva Kishori Manch reorganised in Potka, 32 girls from 20 villages attend strategy meeting

Jamshedpur: The adolescent girls of Potka have once again resolved to fight the social evil of child marriage. To strengthen the social resistance to social evils like child marriage prevalent in rural areas, Yuva Kishori Manch was also re-organised.

More than 32 adolescent girls from 20 villages of Potka block attended a meeting organised at the initiative of social organisation Youth Unity For Voluntary Action (YUVA). The meeting was held at Tentla village of Potka village. The girls discussed ways and strategies to fight and resist the social practice of child marriage.

New representatives were also elected in the meeting for Yuva Kishori Manch. Julie Mahato was election as the president of the Manch, while Sunanda Kalindi was elected the Deputy President. Aradhana Bakhla will discharge the role of Secretary and she would be assisted by Co-Secretary Piya Manjhi. Bhagyashri Mahato is the new treasurer and Seema Bhumij co-treasurer. Sangita sardar and Mausami Gope are Child Journalist Representatives while Joba Rani Nayak and Sushila Sardar would discharge the role of child theatre representatives.

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Newly elected office bearers of Kishori Manch
Officebearers of Kishori Manch of Potka

Puja Sardar and Holika Kalindi are Football Team representatives, while Rinki Nayak and Renuka Mahali would be the representatives for Resistance to Forced Marriage.

The girls also narrated their experiences and their stories in dealing with issues like child marriage in everyday life.

The secretary of YUVA Barnali Chakraborty said that the Manch would help the girls in continuing their studies and building a career for themselves. She said that a Girls’ Resource Centre would soon be opened in Potka.

Those who attended the programme included the founder of YUVA Arbind Tiwary, Jyoti Hembrom, Anjana Deogam, Chandrakala Munda, Abanti Sardar, Veela Sardar, Kajal Nayak, Ranjeeta Sardar, Geeta Sardar, Maine Soren and 32 girls from 20 villages.

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