It’s now Eros Now’s turn in ‘hurt-Hindu’ ‘free-for-all’ corporate jamboree

Eros Now posts apology after social media erupts in anger at its series of erotic and insulting memes and ads on Navratri

Jamshedpur: In the free-for-all-to-insult-Hindus competition it is the turn of Eros Now. Eros Now, an Indian subscription based entertainment and media platform has tweeted a series of outrageous memes and ads targeting Navratri festival. These memes, tweets and pictures have created a lot of resentment among Hindus. So much so that Eros Now had to even issue an apology.

The memes are not only outrageous, but utterly tasteless and obscene too. Social media users have blasted the company for using Hindu festivals for cheap and obscene messages and slighting Hindus and their culture in the name of advertisement.

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Some social media users have called it a brutal attack on Hindus. One such SM user @Soumyadipta commented: “This is not a joke. It is a brutal attack on Hindus. Tell me, have you tried such vulgar jokes on festivals of other religions? No, na? Then why target and humiliate Hindus only? So sorry, I am not accepting your apology. Go and cry to those journalists who will justify the joke.”

He refused to accept their apology too.

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One handle @BobbyGandhi3 even contrasted the messages issued by Eros Now on Eid festival with those issued on Navratri and other Hindu festivals to highlight the difference of attitude of the company while dealing with two different communities.

Only Kangana Ranaut from Bollywood has condemned the series of memes by Eros Now.

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In recent times, a number of corporate ads have been criticised for targeting Hindus and their culture. Hindus have alleged that it is done with a calculated motive to evoke reaction from majority community.

Many feel that the reactions from the majority community remain below the threshold level and subsides after a few days. However, this brings the concerned company a free marketing advantage and clear brand recognition as everyone forgets the slight within a few days, while the brand memory remains.

They point out that with other communities, the risk crosses the threshold level and that may go beyond the control of the brand handlers and may even cause a lot of legal and law and order problems. Therefore, usually, the brand managers are reluctant to target the culture and sentiments of other communities and are extra cautious in writing or issuing even a single sentence that concerns them.

And finally, this is how an irate SM user reacted on Hindu festivals being targeted by all sorts of people.

And here comes True Indology’s observation.


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