TMH OPD Services to restart from Monday: Dr. Rajan Chaudhry

Corona RT PCR and Antigen Tests to be available in OPD for non-employees too

Jamshedpur: TMH would re-start OPD services from Monday next. The Super Specialty Clinic, that had suspended operations for the last several months, would start operating again. TMH Prime too may re-start soon. However, no decision has been taken about restarting Physiotherapy services yet as it involves direct contact with patients.

Dr. Rajan Chaudhry, Advisor, Medical Services, TMH said on Friday in a weekly press meet that corona testing facilities too are being expanded in TMH. Now, anyone can get an RT PCR or Antigen test done by paying the requisite fee.

An RT PCR test would cost Rs. 1500, while antigen test would cost Rs. 1000. Even non-employees can get tested themselves in TMH OPD for corona between 9 am. To 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m..

He said that the RT PCR test report is normally given in 24 hours, while antigen test can be received within 4 hours.

Dr. Chaudhry also said that a post-corona OPD in TMH is already operational and is already treated 113 patients.

During his weekly media teleconference, he said that usually a second wave of corona is also witnessed in different countries and it is important that we remain vigilant.

He said that corona is also damaging lungs of patients and it is important that people remain vigilant during puja and other festivals. There is a chance of re-infection and it is important that people think about long term effect of infection threat too.

He also said that the recovery rate of TMH has been improving constantly and it has reached now 87.16 pc. Even the number of new corona patients has gone down. Last week 150 new corona patients were admitted, while this week only 62 corona patients have been admitted in the hospital.

He said that last week 13 patients had succumbed to the virus in TMH, while this week the number has come down to 5, which is a welcome sign.


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