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Navaratri begins, spurt in economic activities as Bhakti wafts in air

Durga Puja
Durga Puja

Jamshedpur: As Navaratri begins, there is devotion and bhakti in the air all around. You could always sense it during narvaratri days almost everywhere in India. However, things are extraordinary this year and people are cautious. Yet bhakti still wafts in air. The spirit of pujas still remains, though crowding and assembling is certainly beyond the bounds.

You can take away the deity from a Hindu. You cannot take away the puja inside him.

The preparations for Navaratri completed in the city too, Kalash Sthapana would take place on Saturday and with that Puja-Archana of Maa Bhagwati would begin.

Puja would be done with all the rituals in mandirs, although no crowding would be allowed this year keeping the corona guidelines in mind.

All the mandirs and puja pandals would hold the puja at a very small scale. The guidelines have been followed by everyone. This is a common feeling among all puja committees and temple management.

Pujas also entail a spurt in economic activities. This year things are not different, although the business is somewhat muted. People are seen buying puja materials and most of them would complete the pujas at their homes. After kalash sthapana devotees would. Offer puja for 7 days.

Bhakti wafts in air as Navratri begins in Jamshedpur.

Bhog or prasad vitaran is not allowed this year. However, most mandirs have agreed to complete all the rituals keeping the guidelines in mind.

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