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Dist Admn holds mega meet to ensure compliance of Durga Puja guidelines

DC issues 22-point directives for safety during Durga Puja

Jamshedpur: With a view to maintaining law and order in the district during Durga Puja celebrations, DC of East Singhbhum Suraj Kumar held a meeting of the district administration and police department officials.

The DC Suraj Kumar stressed the need to ensure compliance of government guidelines and not allow crowding. He also underlined the importance of monitoring law and order, not allowing heavy vehicles in the urban areas beyond allowed time.

The DC said that this year Durga Puja is being organised only to ensure that the religious rituals are completed. Therefore, he said, the participation of general public is not desirable.

The main highlights of the discussion were:

▪️ Puja is not being organised this year for the general public. Puja is being done this year for the discharge of religious rituals and customs only.

▪️ Immersion will be done within the time set by the district administration, immersion is not allowed after sunset.

▪️ All police station incharge will ensure inspection of each puja pandal twice a day.

▪️ More than 7 people are not allowed to stay at the place of worship at a time.

▪️ Meeting with Puja Committee and Peace Committee should be held and Instructions should be given to inform about the guidelines of the government and to ensure their compliance.

The Deputy Commissioner issued the following directives in light of the guidelines issued by the state government for Durga Puja celebrations.

  1. Celebrate the festival of Durga Puja in traditional manner in small pandal / mandap, celebrate without public participation. Apart from the organisers, there should be no crowding in puja pandal. General public should celebrate Durga Puja festival in their home.
  2. Durga Puja Pandal must be covered on all sides for safety.
  3. Durga Puja Pandal construction will not be based on any theme.
  4. Any kind of lighting, decoration is prohibited in the area around Durga Puja Pandal.
  5. Construction of welcome door or toran dwar will not be allowed in the area of Durga Puja Pandal.
  6. Except the place of the idol, the entire area of the Pooja Pandal will be airy.
  7. The statue of Maa Durga should not be taller than 4 feet.
  8. Public Announcement (Public Address to Mike) system will be prohibited.
  9. No fair will be held on the occasion of Durga Puja.
  10. Food and drinks stalls will be not allowed in the entire area.
  11. Inside Durga Puja Pandal, no more than 7 number of organisers, priests and members are allowed at a time.
  12. Idol immersion procession is not allowed. This statue will be immersed at the place set by the district administration for immersion.
  13. No entertainment, cultural, musical program can be held in puja pandal area.
  14. Distribution of community bhoj, prasad, bhog etc is not allowed.
  15. No invitation will be given by the Puja organisers.
  16. No permission to organise public function or program for the inauguration of Pooja Pandal shall be given
  17. Garba, Dandiya program will not be allowed at public sites.
  18. Ravan effigy burning program is not allowed.
  19. It will be mandatory to wear face cover or mask on 19. public places.
  20. It is mandatory to maintain a distance of at least 2 yards or 6 feet at public places.
  21. People attending the Pooja Pandal must follow the instructions issued by the Central and State Government and local Administration regarding the Covid-19 protocol i.e. social distancing, use of masks, hygiene and sanitation.
  22. It is mandatory for organizers of Pooja Pandal that they follow all instructions issued by the government and the district administration.

In the meeting, the Deputy Commissioner asked everyone to ensure compliance of guidelines. He said that legal action will be taken against the chairman / secretary of Durga Puja Pandal for violating the guidelines.

Arrangement of queue in Pandal will not be allowed. And elderly, children and sick people will not be allowed to come to Pandal. No religious / cultural events will be allowed in any social or public places.

The Senior Superintendent of Police said that all police station in-charge should ensure inspection of all Pooja Pandals twice a day.

He asked police officials to launch a drive against illegal liquor manufacturing and selling. At the same time, all the police station incharge were directed to allow the pandal to be made in a place where direct access to fire and ambulance could be ensured.

The SSP Dr. M Tamil Vanan, SDM Dhalbhum Mr. Nitish Kumar Singh, ADM Law & Order Mr. Nandkishore Lal, Director DRDA Mr. Sourav Kumar Sinha, SDM Ghatshila Shri Satyaveer Rajak, District Public Relations Officer Mr. Rohit Kumar, Special / Executive Officers of all three Municipal Bodies, all Dy SPs, police station in charge of urban areas, incident commanders etc also attended the meeting.


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