Sunday, June 11, 2023

Tanishq hides alleged ‘love jehad’ video on YouTube after social media outrage

SM users ask – Is Tanishq a business or a social engineering platform?

Tanishq Twitter Timeline bombarded with paper clips showing ‘gory end of cheesy love’

Bengaluru: Tanishq has hidden the controversial video advertisement after it sparked off a big social media outrage. The social media users have questioned the motive behind the video ad and have imputed a subtle attempt to promote “love jehad’ using Tata Group’s prodigious brand name.

Enterprising social media users have even found a brand manager who has now allegedly deleted his Linkedin profile after the outrage.

There were many SM users who were not happy with Tanishq only hiding the controversial video and not deleting it permanently.

Whoever gave this brand promotion idea must have been completely mistaken because the idea has boomeranged like never before. One SM user It’sMe@Stshgujjula remarked: “Hey Tanishq if you are interested in social engineering and want to work in interfaith marriages. Please shut down your business and do some research on how inter faith marriages are ending with tragedy. Please stop promoting love jihad with fancy ads.”

Social Media users have also been examining other aspects of Tanishq business. One found several products associated with the world ‘Muslim’ on website in its repertoire, while none associated with the word ‘Hindu’.

Tanishq Jewellery’s Ekatvam series has especially come under fire because it came under limelight on the day a boy Rahul Rajput was killed in Delhi for allegedly having a relation with a Muslim girl.

And now it seems, twitterati have also started questioning the intention of the person who was handling the brand and media affairs for the company.

Ex-IPS M. Nageswara Rao even tagged Ratan Tata on Twitter in his messsage saying: “… Hindus don’t expect anything in return except civilisational gratitude from Parsis.”

Whatever be the motive behind the ad, it certainly has boomeranged big time. Social Media users have bombarded Tanishq timeline with news items where alleged ‘love jehad’ incidents had not so rosy and not so ‘ekatva-filled’ endings.

Sample these comments with newspaper clips.

Another one.

One more.

And yet another.

Another one

And the final one.

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