Home News Jamshedpur Thieves target Bistupur Kali Mandir donation box again

Thieves target Bistupur Kali Mandir donation box again

donation box targeted by thieves in Bistupur Kali Mandir

Jamshedpur: Thieves are showing daredevilry in Jamshedpur these days. They are not only targeting houses and apartments, but also religious places.

On Friday, thieves again targeted the donation of Box of Kali Mandir in front of GST Bhawan in Bistupur and tried to break open another donation box. Around 15 days back they had broken one donation box and had decamped with donation worth Rs. 1 lakh.

The first incident of theft is still under investigation and the Bistupur police are yet to find a clue into the identity of the thieves. However, before they could succeed in nabbing the culprits for the first theft, a bunch of thieves again targeted another donation box.

Luckily, this donation box did not contain much. The thieves could not target the donation box that had ornaments worth lakhs.

It is really shocking to know that the Kali Mandir being targeted by the thieves is situated only around 100 m from the residence of Jamshedpur MP Bidyut Baran Mahato.

Thieves target Kali Mandir donation box again in Bistupur.

The Mandir Samity members have informed the police about the theft. However, the police are yet to make a headway in the case.

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