Home News Jamshedpur Police bust gambling, betting den in Bistupur, 6 arrested

Police bust gambling, betting den in Bistupur, 6 arrested

Bistupur police bust betting den, six arrested

Jamshedpur: In a major swoop against a major betting and gambling racket, Bistupur police made several raids Friday night and arrested at least six persons on the charges of betting and gambling.

According to police, these several persons were involved in gambling and betting in the market near Bistupur Chunashah Baba Mazar.

The raids were made under the leadership of Bistupur police station in-charge Ranvijay Sharma on the instructions of Dy SP CCR Arvind Kumar.

The police team raided the office of Kanhaiya Prasad situated near the market and found several people engaged in IPL-betting. They were arrested on the spot.

Police claimed that Kanhaiya Prasad was the person who ran the betting den and Pawan Kumar Choudhary was the person who wrote the betting numbers.

From the site, the police arrested Raja Khan of Jugsalai, Dharmendra Yadav of Kadma, Pawan Kumar Choudhary of Sonari and Zahid Hussain of Jugsalai was well as Md.Sarfaraz of Dhatkidih and Kanhaiya Prasad of Sonari.

The police also seized Rs. 7,050 in cash, six tickets, four notebooks with numbers written on them, a pen, a thermocol board with date and number written.

Kanhaiya Prasad Sao has been arrested on the charges of running the gambling den. He had been named in similar cases and was sent to jail earlier too.


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