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Ram Vilas Paswan: The man who could read Indian mind and heart right


There was no politician in India who understood Indian politics and voter mind better than Ram Vilas Paswan. As was famously known, you could predict which party was going to win in an election by just knowing which side Ram Vilas Paswan was on.

A maverick he was with no parallels. With a devoted support base, he knew dalit mind and heart like none else.

Ram Vilas Paswan was a wily politician of old mould. He was a person who enjoyed politics and electioneering as much as a Sachin Tendulkar or a Virat Kohli enjoys hitting balls even on off days.

He did politics on the strength of his support base among Dalits. And he was acceptable to all sides, all parties. His personal relations remained unaffected by the vagaries and winds of politics.

He had some unique achievements too. He had won 8 elections to the Parliament and has had the distinction of having won Hajipur seat in 1977 with the biggest margin of 4.24 lakh votes too.

He remained a minister in Atal Behari Vajpayee’s NDA government and then also became a minister in Dr. Manmohan Singh’s government.

You could not have ignored a Ram Vilas Paswan if you wanted to be in Indian politics. Such was his aura, presence and stature.

His son Chirag Paswan has graduated in politics under his wings and he has a huge responsibility of keeping his faither’s legacy intact.

Indian politics would never be the same after Ram Vilas Paswan’s departure. All parties will miss his presence too.


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