Monday, December 6, 2021

Candle March in Kadma demanding ‘Justice for Dolly Sahu’

Jamshedpur: Chhatisgarh Ewa Sansthan members today took out a peaceful ‘candle march’ in front of Aerodrome Park, Kadma demanding justice for late Dolly Sahu.

Dolly Sahu’s dead body was found hanging in a Kadma house a few days back. Her family members had claimed that she committed suicide by hanging.

According to Chhatisgarh Sewa Sansthan members, Dolly Sahu’s in-laws had claimed that she committed suicide by hanging. However, they said, her own family members have rejected the claim of suicide and have filed an FIR alleging that she was killed.

Chhatisgarh Sewa Sansthan members pointed out that the dead body had multiple injury marks and even a look at the body made it evident that it was a case of murder, instead of suicide.

Chhatisgarh Sewa Sansthan members urged the police to conduct an impartial investigation and ensure that the people behind Dolly Sahu’s murder are brought to book.

Candle March in Kadma demanding justice for Dolly Sahu whose dead body was found in in-law’s house.

The demanded strict punishment in the matter.

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