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Bike-borne snatchers escape with locket, woman injured in Sitaramdera

Jamshedpur: Chain and bag snatchers are having a field day in Jamshedpur. Two bike-borne youths tried to snatch a chain with locket from a woman and escaped with the locket while the chain remained with the woman. The woman also fell down on the ground and has suffered injuries in leg and neck.

Bike borne snatchers snatch locket from woman and escape in Sitaramdera Town Post
Bike borne snatchers snatch locket from woman and escape in Sitaramdera

According to Sitaramdera police, the chain snatching incident occurred near Baradwari. The woman had gone to Navjeevan Pathology for some tests. As soon as she disembarked from the auto-rickshaw, two bike-borne youths approached her and tried to snatch the chain. They managed to grab the locket as it broke from the chain and then escaped.

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Sitaramdera police arrived at the site of occurrence and have started investigations.

This was the second snatching incident within 12 hours in the city. Friday morning itself, two criminals had tried to snatch a mobile from a person near JRD Sports Complex. However, the locals and QRT had succeeded in nabbing both the youths. Both the snatchers are now in police custody.

Bike-borne snatchers escape with locket snatched from woman in Sitaramdera.

Snatchers have speeded up their activities in the city as the pujas draw nearer. Every day one or the other snatcher gang members carry out a snatching crime at one place or the other in the city.

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