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Two arrested in Dhatkidih firing case, police looking for Salman

Jamshedpur: Jamshedpur police arrested two accused in the Dhatkidih firing case on Wednesday and are looking for others including Salman. The two arrested accused are Md Tauqir and Raees Nawab alias Golden. Both accused have been sent to judicial custody.

The SSP of Jamshedpur M Tamil Vanan said that the leader of the gang that fired in Dhatkidih is Salman, who is still absconding and out of reach of the police. He said that police are trying to arrest him as soon as possible.

The SSP said that on September 5 last, members of Mardana gang had assaulted and misbehaved with Abdul Wahid and his family members. When the local residents opposed them, they fired at them. At least 10 to 12 bullets were fired. Md. Mustaqueem and Qayoom had got bullet injuries in the incident.

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The police had also found two used cartridges and four live cartridges from the site of occurrence. The police had even seized on motorcycle from the site of occurrence.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday Jamshedpur police succeeded in arrested two of the accused. More than 20-25 miscreants are said to be involved in the case. Police are trying to arrest all of them.

According to police sources, Monday noon, one accused, named by police as Salman, accompanied with other members of his gang, fired several rounds in Dhatkidih. The bullets hit and injured a 50-year-old Md Qayum and Md. Mustaqeem.

The City SP Subhas Chandra Jat had said that a few days back a person named Zaid had tried to commit suicide. He was a drug addict. The other addicts with whom he used to take drugs included one Salman, who is an absconder in an Arms Act case registered by Sitaramdera police station.

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According to the City SP, on Monday Salman and his gang members went to Zaid’s parents and charged that they were not getting their son treated properly. City SP, however, added that the reality was that Zaidi was being asked to bring in money which was used for drug addiction by others. He said that Salman and his gang members tried to beat up and assault Zaidi’s parents on the grounds that they were not getting their son treated properly. When the locals intervened and tried to save them, they fired at them.

Jamshedpur SSP M Tamil Vanan speaking to media about arrest of two accused in Dhatkidih firing case.


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