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Bhalubasa group of kinnars seeks police protection

Jamshedpur: A group of kinnars (persons of third gender) met the SSP Dr. M Tamil Vanan on Tuesday and urged him to provide security and protection from a group of people led by another person of third gender Shakila Kinnar.

Kinnars seek police protection from rival group Town Post
Kinnars seek police protection from rival group

A group of persons of third gender on Tuesday reached the District police headquarters and met the SSP. They charged that a group of persons of third genders led by Shakila Kinnar attacked the other group of persons from third gender from Bhalubasa.

Kiran Kinnar said that on September 17, Shakila Kinnar accompanied by her brother and his associates arrive dat Bhalubasa Chowk and attacked them.

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Kinnars seek police protection from rival group Town Post
Kinnars seek police protection from rival group

She said that even earlier Shakila Kinnar had threatened other kinnars of Bhalubasa through WhatsApp messages.

On Tuesday, the group of Kinnars from Bhalubasa reached the SSP office and sought protection from the other group.


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