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Coronavirus is still alive and taking lives amidst us

JMM holds huge demonstration against Farm Act 2020

Coronavirus threat is still alive in Jamshedpur and East Singhbhum district. In fact, with 321 deaths, East Singhbhum still remains the worst-affected district of Jharkhand as far as impact of the virus is concerned.

However, the general attitude of the masses on the streets has changed drastically. The sense of alarm that was visible during the initial phase of pandemic is completely missing. Even a cursory look at the people going about their business in the markets, shops and streets shows that an unintelligent smugness is taking hold of our communities. People, tired of lockdown rigour, are trying to close their eyes to the threat standing before them and lurking amidst them.

Unfortunately, coronavirus is still alive and present amidst us and is killing people on daily basis. Closing our eyes to this threat is not going to help us in any way. The sense of carelessness may prove costly for everyone in the days to come.

Experts all over the world have come to the conclusion that relying solely on herd immunity in the case of coronavirus is a completely unpredictable and unreliable strategy. And also that using masks and social distancing norms are the only way to control the spread of this virus.

Till date, no country on this planet has seen a check on the spread of the virus because of herd immunity. Herd immunity is hard to achieve, the ratio of population where it can set in for coronavirus is still unknown and waiting for it means allowing lakhs more to die in a country like India.

It is true that nearly seven-month-long period of lockdowns and restrictions has caused fatigue for all of us. We are down in spirit, in economy and in hope. Yet, the only way available to us is to keep fighting the menace. We cannot allow death toll to keep rising for a long time.

Jamshedpur, unfortunately, has seen a high number of deaths. We have lost too many people who could have contributed for many more years. Allowing the virus to keep claiming more lives for a longer period of time would be a grave mistake on our part.

As the doctors and experts have been reminding us, the threat is not mitigated yet. Even in several countries in Europe, after a brief period of mitigation, the virus has surged back in second wave of pandemic. We are still in the first wave and losing far too many people.

It was unfortunate to see a large number of JMM supporters and leaders oblivious to the risks of coronavirus during their demonstration against Farm Act 2020 at district headquarters on Wednesday.

JMM is a party full of spirited workers and leaders. JMM’s workers are known to be simple-minded and dedicated to their party. In normal times, their spirit looks endearing. Ramdas Soren and Mangal Kalindi both are seasoned, sane and suave politicians.

However, during the demonstration not too many seemed aware of the risks they were taking by violating the lockdown rules and social distancing norms. It may very well be a case of complete unawareness and general fatigue that has set in due to a long period of lockdown. It may also be seen as a desperation to come back to normal mode.

However, we are not yet in a position where we can take such risks. Such a large number of people going through the unnecessary risk of contacting and spreading the virus in all nooks and corners of the city was really unfortunate and unwarranted.

It would be good for everyone if political parties tread with caution while taking their supporters on a political mission, demonstration or rally. Caution for a few months is better than losing friends, relatives and acquaintances to the virus.


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