Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Angered at Covid-19 tests, labourers create ruckus at Mango Chowk

Labourers allege a group of them were beaten and taken away after covid-19 test, authorities deny anyone has been taken away

Jamshedpur: Angered at Covid-19 tests and the apprehension that a few of them have been taken away by the authorities after being found positive, a large number of daily labourers created a ruckus at Mango Chowk and blocked the traffic.

The ruckus caused a traffic snarl in the area and vehicular traffic remained impacted for a long time.

According to information received, labourers were routinely tested for covid-19 under normal instructions to test as many people as possible. A few labourers said that 5-6 of them were taken away by the testing team. This created a rumour and angered labourers created an uproar.

Mango police office giving details about the uproar by labourers.

Mango police soon arrived at the place. The officer in-charge said that their apprehensions that a few have been taken away by the test team was unfounded. He said that around 50 labourers were tested, but he personally spoke to the MNAC Special Officer and he was told that no one was taken away by the team and that everyone who was tested had been allowed to go away.

Labourers create ruckus at Mango Chowk as police clears road.

He said that the workers created an uproar on unfounded information and even tried to block the road. He said that the road has been cleared now and the traffic flow has been restored.

However, many labourers accused the police force of beating them and misbehaving with women. They said that they were forced to go through covid-19 test and the police force even threw away their food and tiffin.

Labourers allege that a group of boys and girls were taken away after covid-19 tests. However, authorities denied that anyone was taken away.

The ruckus was still on while the police officers were trying to bring the situation under control.



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