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China wants a war!

If one goes by the reports coming from LAC and the statements of China leaders, officers and stooges, India is slowly being pulled into a war. China wants a war.

Chinese are known for giving out mixed signals before they take the final plunge towards attacking another country. Even while engaging the opponent in talks, they keep preparing and surrounding and even angering the opponent.

Chinese are masters of this obfuscation and trickery game, though this time, it seems, they have been called out by India.

The good thing is that this time the Indian political leaders as well as Army have a good counter-plan to take them on in their own game.

The fact that China has been rattled at multiple levels is obvious from the statements that are emanating from it.

Chinese mouthpieces like Global Times are repeatedly issuing veiled threats to India.

Even the External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has stated in no uncertain terms that the situation at the LAC was “very serious” needing a “very, very deep conversations at political level.”

China has several motives to cause a war at this time. Apart from the need of flexing its power in South China Sea and asserting authority over Hong Kong as well as clearing the roadblocks for CPEC through Pakistan, it intends to prove a point to both India and USA.

However, the problem is that this India that China is dealing with now is not an India of 1962.

A lot has happened in the past decades at the ground level.

India is no more a midget and is not scared of China in any way.

Even a report by Howard Kennedy School’s Belfer Centre for Science and International Affairs says that “Indian Armed forces in the Himalayan range can defeat China’s army and may prove experts wrong that India lags behind China in military strength.”

Chinese got a taste of things recently in Galwan Valley when Indian soldiers countered their shenanigans fiercely causing a heavy human cost on them, even while they too suffered half of that cost.

A war looks inevitable in the next one or two months.

Soldiers are ready at the LAC.

It’s time citizens too readied themselves for the inevitable.


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