Friday, May 14, 2021

Ranchi Hospital sends woman’s dead body instead of man’s, causes great confusion

Jamshedpur: In a bizarre development, the dead body of a male patient was replaced by the dead body of a female patient causing a lot of agony, embarrassment and confusion to the relatives of both the deceased patients.

According to information received, a 60-year-old patient from Mango Azadnagar was admitted in Asclepius Hospital in Ranchi. He was positive and succumbed to the virus. His body was brought to Jamshedpur for last rites. The relatives took the body to the burial ground for burial as per government guidelines. However, as soon as the body was taken out, it was discovered that it was a woman’s body.

This caused a lot of confusion and anger among the relatives.

Hospital negligence causes confusion at the time of last rites.

Now it has been learnt that the wrong dead body was dispatched to Jamshedpur by the private hospital.

The dead body that was sent to Jamshedpur was that of 65-year-old woman from Ormanjhi, Ranchi.

The Jamshedpur patient remained under treatment in Asclepius Hospital, Ranchi for three days and had succumbed to the virus on Friday. The hospital management disallowed the relatives to see the patient’s body saying that owing to Corona precautions this is not allowed.

However, when the relatives took the body to the burial ground they found that the hospital had given them a woman’s dead body.

The relatives created a lot of ruckus too against the negligence on the part of hospital.

When the family members informed the in-charge of Asclepius Hospital, Dr. Md. Asif, he too was shocked. Although the last rites were stopped, but this created a lot of confusion.

They accused the hospital management of charging Rs. 25 to 30 thousand per day in the name of treatment of Corona.

They also urged the state government to cancel the license of such hospitals.

Relatives speaking to media about wrong body having been sent to Jamshedpur.

The hospital management has assured that the dead body would soon be sent to Jamshedpur.

The City SP Subash Chandra Jat said that a case of sending a woman’s body instead of a man has been received and the Ranchi administration has been informed about this for appropriate action.

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