Thursday, June 24, 2021

IMA unhappy at Corona rumour mongering, demands action

Jamshedpur: Indian Medical Association (IMA) has taken strong exception to alleged rumour-mongering by some people hinting at negligence on the part of doctors during treatment of Corona.

IMA has urged the Deputy Commissioner of East Singhbhum to take strong action against such elements.

Senior member of IMA and director of Apex Hospital at Baradwari Dr. Saurav Choudhary said that the district administration needs to pay attention to attacks on doctors engaged in treatment of Corona positive patients in Jamshedpur.

He said that some people are spreading rumour about negligence in treatment, which is completely wrong.

The press conference was organised jointly by IMA and Jamshedpur Nursing Home Association.

Addressing the media, Dr. Saurav Choudhary said that on Monday a lot of ruckus was created in Tata Main Hospital after death of a patient. The family members had claimed that the patient was not corona positive.

He said that some elements are also spreading the rumour that the hospital management and doctors are trying ot infect people knowingly.

Dr. Choudhary said that some mischievous people are also spreading rumours that organs are being harvested from dead corona patients’ bodies.

Dr. Saurav Choudhary speaking to media in IMA press conference.

Describing such mischievous rumours as completely wrong, he said that the doctors and medical staff are serving the patients with full sincerity. Several doctors too have got infected and three doctors of the city have already lost their lives due to the virus.

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He said that some people are also spreading confusion by suggesting that the government is giving Rs. 1.5 lakh rupees to the hospital for treating each patient. This is completely incorrect, he said.

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He said, the fact is that Tata Main Hospital is treating maximum number of corona infected patients and entire cost is being borne by Tata Steel and Tata Trust.

He said that such rumours are also making people negligent towards safety precautions and they are ignoring social distancing norms too. This is helping the virus spread more.

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