Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Polite takedown of a mighty editor in “True Indology” style with facts and data

Bengaluru: Like all good things in India these days, this special lesson in history too started with an innocuous tweet from Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

He had just congratulated people for Onam.

True Indology supports his position that Onam is nothing but Jayanti for Vamana.

Nothing wrong with this. Just an observation that any Hindu, who has heard of Raja Bali and Vamana story, would normally come out with.

Yet, it sparks off a big debate. Those, who think that Onam has nothing to do with Hinduism and is a secular festival, start debating, like they always do before Diwali or Holi.

And True Indology, for a change, supports Arvind Kejriwal’s position that Onam is nothing but Vaman Jayanti.

And it creates some big heart-burn.

And then the counter-attack starts.

The counter-attack comes in the form of a tweet from Sunil Menon, the Managing Editor of Outlook magazine.

And in his own style he calls True Indology’s observation as “most unintentionally hilarious”.

The problem was that in his tweet Mr. Sunil Menon did not tag True Indology so that he could know and could argue back.

But, his followers did note his critique and informed True Indology expectedly, hoping that he would come out with a response.

One follower tags him.

And the Spiderman of Indian History thanks and acknowledges his tagging.

His followers are expectant that some response to Sunil Menon’s tweet must be coming. Because, the fact is, no ordinary man would be in a position to contradict Sunil Menon. Who has seen all the evidences, paintings and old artefacts to contest a position on history?

And did he respond? Yes, in his own style.

And some lessons in facts and history to the mighty Managing Editor of the mighty Outlook magazine.

Some quotes and references too.

Some more explanations and evidences from history.

Some more caustic schooling.

Some more facts.

The schooling continues.

One more lesson.

Here is additional for the bright student.

And schooling continues.

Some tight slaps too.

One more.

The lesson is complete. Point proven. Mission accomplished.

True Indology. The name is True Indology.

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