Thursday, June 24, 2021

TMH may scale down 'Covid-19' capacity if ‘condemnable behaviour' continues: Tata Steel

Jamshedpur: Tata Steel management has made it clear in no uncertain terms that it would have to cut down on its “Covid-19” operations if the ‘condemnable behaviour’ on the part of relatives of patients continues.

In a significant move, which may have far-reaching repercussions, Tata Steel management has hardened its stance over security and safety of its doctors, nurses and staff in the hospital and has made it clear that it would not put up with vandalism any more.

Responding to the “condemnable behaviour being displayed at Tata Main Hospital (TMH) by certain sections of citizens of Jamshedpur”, the management in a statement said: “The Tata Main Hospital, its doctors, nurses and all the staff have been providing selfless service since the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic in March ’20.”

The statement further says: “Over the last few months TMH has made significant investment in equipment & infrastructure to provide best in class treatment to all patients who have tested COVID19 positive and are admitted for treatment. TMH today has converted into over 1000- bed COVID19 treatment facility, second to none in the country.”

The statement goes on: “It is unfortunate that we have had to experience deaths of patients, but none of this is owing to lack of effort on part of the Doctors and support staff in providing the best possible treatment.”

The statement says: “We are pained to inform the citizens of Jamshedpur that today owing to the behaviour and violent reaction of families of some patients, the doctors and staff of the hospital are feeling threatened and insecure. The situation is untenable and it is has become very difficult to operate the hospital under such conditions where already approx. 50% of the medical staff are compromised due to COVID19 exposure. Should this continue to happen, it will not be possible to run operations with depleted medical staff and we will have no option but to scale down the COVID-19 treatment capacity at Tata Main Hospital.”

And finally it says: “It may not be out of place to mention that Tata Steel stays committed to work towards improving the quality of life of the community in and around its areas of operations. However, it requires the co-operation and support of the community in this endeavour.”

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