Wednesday, June 16, 2021

No vacant beds in hospitals as available resources get overstretched

Jamshedpur: Corona is now spreading its tentacles in the city with speed. Most of the beds in the private and government hospitals are already occupied. And patients are now dying even without getting a bed as resources are getting overstretched.

A patient, 40-year-old, Sanjay Singh of Dimna Road area, reached MGMCH Sunday evening with his family.

There was no vacant bed in the emergency ward of the hospital.

The doctor and the nurse made him lie on the floor and started treating him there.

However, he died during the treatment.

The family members said that Sanjay Singh was unwell for the last 3 days. He had fever and he was being treated at home. In the evening, his condition worsened. He started feeling breathing difficulties and became restless.

Family members rushed him to the hospital. However, there was no bed vacant in the emergency ward. Nor was any stretcher available.

Doctor and the nurse got him lie on the floor so that treatment could be started. They also got his ECG done. But, despite their efforts he could not be saved.

Family members kept crying. Even his children were crying on the floor.

Hospital management says that the number of patients is high and being a government hospital they cannot say ‘no’ to anyone.

Therefore, they are trying to use the available resources and help the patients in whatever they can.

The department has been informed about the actual ground situation.

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