Thursday, June 24, 2021

Traffic police interceptor vans equipped with cameras to check any vehicle’s speed

Jamshedpur: With a view to streamlining the traffic system and to curb the dare of traffic rules violators, the traffic police interceptor vans have now been fitted with cameras.

These cameras would detect if a vehicle is moving with more than 40 km/s speed. Anyone who does so would have to face action and the camera would also preserve the record of speed violation.

Earlier, CCTV cameras were installed at different places all over the city and now interceptor vans have been fitted with such cameras.

Traffic interceptor vans fitted with cameras in Jamshedpur.

The interceptor vans would send the report to control room, which would then be sent by the Dy SP to DTO office. After that the DTO would sent notice to the traffic rule violator and action would be taken.

The cameras would also record different activities going on in the city.

Jamshedpur traffic police to use cameras for checking speed of vehicles.

Earlier such cameras were equipped in interceptor vans in Ranchi. Now Jamshedpur too would have this feature in interceptor vans.

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