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0 video and 38 thousand YouTube subscribers

True Indology – the Spiderman of Indian history – makes a grand YouTube entry

Bengaluru: True Indology, the popular social media handle, is going to post videos on YouTube too.

The YouTube Channel of True Indology does not have even a single video till Friday 10 p.m. Yet it has 38.3 thousand subscribers. All his fans are awaiting the first video to be posted by him.

Is it a him or a her?

true indology
true indology

There were many who thought it was a woman behind this handle.

However, there is no mystery any more. He had himself revealed his identity once. He is a man.

It seems he had joined YouTube on December 10, 2016 itself, yet has not posted a single video on YouTube.

True Indology is an active social media handle, having a huge following on Twitter and Instagram.

On Twitter, he has 186.5 thousand followers. On Instagram, he has 80.8 thousand followers.

And if you have not heard about True Indology then either you are not active on Social Media or you are not living anywhere in Jambu Dweepe, Aryavarte, Bharat Khande.

Did you say Jambu Dweepe what?

Well, this is exactly why people look up for True Indology.

He schools the social media masses on forgotten history. Everything that is not taught in schools. All the shocking nuggets that have been knowingly left out of text books.

And on odd days, he also schools some well-known and famous, esteemed historians. Say, someone like Irfan Habib or Romila Thapar or D N Jha.

On even days, he exposes the chinks in popular myths of India being peddled by well-known journalists or anchors or famous personalities.

What True Indology has done for Indian history or Indian masses cannot be assessed fully unless you have followed him on social media passionately for a long time.

He is a young man. Yet, his achievements are legendary. He has single-handedly disproven a lot of propaganda that had seeped into our history.

Here are a few nuggets from last one week. Only one week because narrating the entire story of his achievements will take a long time.

So, here is popular actress Raveena Tandon with her modest observation cum query containing a story from the biggest newspaper of India.

And enter True Indology exposing the chinks in the newspaper story.

His reply and evidences stun everyone.

Similarly, a prestigious handle British Library Asian and African spoke about introduction of chess at the court of Anushirvan.

True Indology properly schools British Library handle and tells it that the person shown introducing chess is actually Div Sharma, an Indian envoy, who is shown playing chess with the vizier Buzurgmihir. He even points out how they left out the name which was mentioned in the very painting they had posted.

Was it deliberate to deny origins of chess in India?

And here is a seemingly innocuous remark by journalist Saba Naqvi. It is something related to Rath Yatra at Puri.

And she too is schooled on history.

The supporters of True Indology have been pressing him for posting videos on YouTube. Now finally he has decided to take the plunge. They are appealing to have 1 lakh subscribers on YouTube for him.

By Saturday morning, the handle has acquired 48.8 thousand subscribers.


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