Thursday, June 24, 2021

Woman dies one hour after delivery in Parsudih Clinic, complaint against doctor

Jamshedpur: A woman died one hour after delivering a baby in a Parsudih Clinic. Blaming the clinic and the doctor for her death, the locals created a ruckus and vandalised the clinic.

The police arrived there and controlled the situation somehow.

The husband of the deceased woman, a resident of Yashodangar has filed a written complaint against the concerned doctor.

It is learnt that the woman had undergone a Caesarean delivery and delivered a baby Sunday morning in the clinic. However, the condition of the mother started deteriorating. The doctor advised the relatives to take her to TMH. However, in the course of taking her to TMH, the woman died.

The husband of the deceased said that he had admitted his wife in the clinic on August 21 at 3 p.m.

He said that the doctor said that if the delivery is normal then he would have to pay Rs. 5000, but if operation is needed, then he would be charged Rs. 30000. He said that August 22 evening he was told by the doctor that operation would be needed.

He said that the family agreed for operation and it was done Sunday morning. Although, the baby is fine, but his wife died on the way to TMH.

The husband of the deceased has lodged a complaint and has asked for appropriate action in the matter.

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