Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Sonari Gudri Market hair salon operator found hanging

Financial misery continues to push people to the brinks

Jamshedpur: The spate of suicides in the city is refusing to stop. Every other day, people are killing themselves in the city. In the latest incident, a hair salon owner of Gudri Bazar in Sonari has allegedly killed himself by hanging.

Shyam Thakur
Shyam Thakur

Corona is taking a heavy toll on the people in many ways. While it is killing people by way of infections, on the other hand the ensuing economic slowdown is pushing people to the brinks of misery.

Behind most of the acts of suicides that have come to light in the city is financial penury and unemployment.

Sonari Gudri Bazar Market salon operator Shyam Thakur found hanging
Sonari Gudri Bazar Market salon operator Shyam Thakur found hanging

According to information received, Shyam Thakur, a salon owner of Gudri Bazar, Sonari allegedly hanged himself to death.

Since the first lockdown, salons have been closed and while salon operators have demanded for financial help from the government, not much has been done. Besides, the government has also not allowed the salons to start operations.

Sources say that the deceased Shyam Thakur was facing financial problems. Forced by extreme penury he decided to end it all.

The incident has left his family in utter shock. It has also caused a sense of desperation among other salon operators.

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The elder brother of the deceased said that Shyam Thakur was married and he was in his in-laws’ house for the last two days.

On Sunday, when the elder brother reached the shop, he saw that the shutter of the shop was open. Later, he found that his body was hanging from ceiling fan.

Sonari police have arrived at the site of occurrence and have sent the body for post mortem.

Police have started investigation into the case.

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