Thursday, January 20, 2022

Dr. A K Lal is new District Tuberculosis & Leprosy Eradication Officer

Jamshedpur: Dr. A K Lal has been made the new District Tuberculosis Officer as well as the District Leprosy Eradication Officer.

Soon after taking charge of his new responsibility Saturday night, he held a meeting with all the employees of his department on Sunday and issued special instructions.

Dr. Lal said that the country has fixed a target of eradicating TB by 2025 from the country.

He said that this has increased the responsibility of the department manifold, but the mission can be achieved.

He said that with co-ordination the department would definitely achieve its targets.

He said that for now Truenat Machines are being used for Corona tests in the TB department. He said that he would himself monitor this.

Dr. Lal has worked as the District Tuberculosis Officer even in the past. At that time he had got a modern meeting hall constructed in the District TB Department.

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Dr. A K Lal is also the State Vice-President of Indian Medical Association.

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