Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Saryu Roy ups the ante against political rivals

Jamshedpur: Senior politician, former minister and MLA from Jamshedpur East Saryu Roy, in a significant political move, has now thrown the dice of illegal occupation of government land to embarrass his old political rivals.

On his target are the former Chief Minister Raghubar Das as well as Abhay Singh, who has recently joined BJP.

Saryu Roy’s intervention has had an impact too. A probe into the alleged illegal occupation of government land has begun. The DIG of Kolhan, Rajiv Ranjan Singh, will now probe the issue on his complaint.

Saryu Roy had raised a complaint with the Jharkhand DGP against the alleged illegal sale and purchase of land in Jamshedpur. Acting on his complaint, the DGP had issued orders for a probe into the issue.

Saryu Roy’s new move is likely to raise the political temperature of the city as well as the state.

This is because he has likely touched a raw nerve of BJP leaders. This is an issue talked about freely in the political circles, but no one has ever raised the issue officially. This is the first time that Saryu Roy has sent a written complaint to the DGP on this issue.

Sources say that illegal occupation of land is a trump card for Saryu Roy. The more this issue comes under focus, the more his opponents would be forced to go into defensive mode.

According to sources, the spate of illegal occupation of government land had continued in a big way in the city between 1995 and 2005. Mainly because the renewal of Tata lease was pending and all land was administered by the state government.

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With political support and backing from local police, the trend of occupying government land continued and several bustees came into existence.

Saryu Roy entered the political horizon of Jamshedpur in 2005 Assembly elections. Naturally, he feels that he is on a safer side as he can’t be linked to this game. And since Raghubar Das has been an MLA since 1995, he feels that his close aides may have been in the know somehow.

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Earlier, when Abhay Singh had quit BJP and joined JVM with Babulal Marandi, Raghubar Das used to be his political rival. At that time both the camps used to trade charges with each other and both sides used to raise land occupation issue too.

During that confrontation period, many charges were traded between Abhay and Raghubar camps.

Saryu Roy is now well-positioned to use those confrontational charges now in the changed scenario.

Meanwhile, Abhay Singh tried to give a political twist to Saryu Roy’s demand for a probe. He went a step further and while welcoming the probe even demanded that Saryu Roy too be included as a member in the probe team. He also demanded that other sections of the society too be represented in the probe and even raised the demand that ownership of a few under-construction hotels in Sakchi too be probed.

Sources say that Abhay Singh’s googly may be aimed at Saryu Roy’s supporters. They say that Abhay Singh may be targeting a political leader who by heart is a BJP supporter, but physically is out of BJP for now.

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Sources said that during the last Assembly elections this political leader had supported Saryu Roy by heart, although ostensibly he had remained out of Jamshedpur East.

Sources say that if the extent of the probe is expanded, the main issue may remain out of focus and may be forgotten soon.

It would be interesting to see how Saryu responds to Abhay Singh’s latest googly.

The issue, however, is unlikely to remain out of political radar for too long.

On Saturday itself, Saryu Roy raised the issue of occupation of a public lavatory in Kashidih. In a tweet he said: “There used to be a public lavatory made by Tata Steel in Kashidih. Now it is not visible. Because a strongman has merged that in his paternal Mahal. The oblique wall reminds one of the martyrdom of a lavatory at that place.”

This issue is likely to generate a lot of political heat in the days to come.

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