Thursday, June 24, 2021

Only 21 died of “Pure Corona”, others died of "Corona with other serious diseases": GM, TMH

Jamshedpur: The GM of TMH Dr Rajan Choudhary today said that out of 132 total deaths, only 21 patients have died in TMH of “pure Corona” till today. He said that other patients died of Corona as well as other serious diseases.

He said that till date 132 Corona patients have died in TMH. Out of these, 15 per cent have died of ‘pure Corona’ while others have died of Corona as well as other serious diseases.

77 patients have died in CCU, while 43 have died in Covid-19 ward, while 12 have died in emergency and other covid wards, he said.

He said that 11 out of 77 patients in CCU were suffering from only Covid, while 10 out of 43 in Covid ward were suffering from “pure Covid’.

Other patients were also suffering from serious diseases like cancer or kidney or liver-related diseases.

Dr. Rajan Choudhary gave all these facts while addressing a teleconference. The Chief of Corporate Communications, Tata Steel, Kulween Suri and Head, Runa Rajiv Kumar, were also present in the teleconference.

Dr. Choudhary said that the present situation is critical and therefore antigen testing is being focused to detect more and more patients in the first stage.

He said that TMH has 416 Covid beds. Besides, 17 CCU beds, 17 invasive ventilators and 75 non-invasive ventilators are also available.

He said that oxygen is being supplied through pipeline up to beds in the ward as the requirement of oxygen has gone up with the increase in the number of symptomatic patients.

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Dr. Choudhary said that teams of doctors monitor all Covid patients once or twice in teh wards and round the clock in the CCU.

He said that to ensure that family members also remain informed about the latest status, a 24×7 call centre has ben started.

Family members can seek information about the patient’s status by calling 0657-6641306.

The family members would first call and then wait. They would be informed about the status after 10 minutes.

Replying to a query, he said that the number of sanitation workers is being increased and patients are being provided proper treatment under constant monitoring of doctors.

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