Monday, May 29, 2023

Reassuring steps


The district administration’s efforts to prepare for a long fight against Corona is reassuring.

East Singhbhum’s DC Suraj Kumar on Sunday spoke at length about the steps being taken by the administration to ensure that there is no paucity of health infrastructure in the city when it is needed the most.

DC’s instruction to the corporates of the city to ensure that they create 100-bed Covid Care Centres in different parts of the city too is a well thought-out plan which would help the city in a big way when the time comes to cater to the sick in big numbers.

The announcement that TMH and Tata Steel would take over Medica Hospital and develop it as a Covid Hospital too is reassuring. The closure of the hospital had come as a big setback for the city in the middle of Corona crisis.

There are not too many good hospitals available in the district and not only East Singhbhum rural districts, but even adjoining districts like West Singhbhum and Seraikela-Kharsawan too send their referral cases to Jamshedpur, especially to Tata Main Hospital.

On the other hand, the resources at Tata Main Hospital are overstretched as they have to cater to the patients of entire region along with the employees of the company employed at other centres.

Developing Medical Hospital as a Covid Hospital would bring a big relief to the health-care system of the city.

Corporates of the district too should come forward at this time of crisis and co-operate with the district administration in creating as many Covid Care Centres as possible.

It looks we will soon need them.

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