Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Family assaulted on opposing eve-teasing in Khuntadih, Sonari

Jamshedpur: Two brothers and a sister of a family were assaulted by a group of eve-teasers in Khuntadih, Sonari.

The family members said that when brother of a girl opposed eve-teasing of his sister, he was assaulted by eve-teasing youths. The family said that when the sister tried to save the brothers, even she was not spared and was badly assaulted. Even mother of the girl was not spared by the eve-teasing boys.

The incident may flare up into a big communal disturbance if action is not taken immediately.

The clash happened on Sunday on an eve-teasing issue. One group accused some eve-teasers of misbehaving with a girl. It said that when the brothers of the girl opposed the eve-teasing, the eve-teasers along with other youths accompanying them attacked the girl’s brothers Anmol Deep and Chhotu Deep. The locals too intervened in the matter.

Khuntadih women talk about assault by eve-teasers.

Women complained that eve-teasers assaulted everyone and did not spare even the mother of the girl.

They charged that they eve-tease girls frequently and manhandle those who oppose their misbehaviour. They also said that the family members instead of stopping the boys from eve-teasing support them.

The incident has the potential of ballooning into a major crisis if action is not taken immediately by the police.

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