Sunday, July 25, 2021

Corona kills 9 more in city, total death toll 136 now

831 new cases, total positives 3821, case fatality rate in city around 3.56%, country’s case fatality rate 1.93%

Jamshedpur: Corona is refusing to relent in its killing spree. It took 9 more lives in city in last 48 hours. 2 on Saturday and 7 on Sunday. All 9 were being treated in TMH and died during treatment. This takes the total death toll for the city to 136.

On Saturday, two persons died of Corona. One was an LD 2 crane operator in Tata Steel. He was admitted in TMH with breathing problems. The second deceased too was a crane operator in Merchant Mill, and he was admitted in CCU on August 3.

Those who died on Sunday include a 77-year-old person from Hume Pipe Road, Sakchi. He was 77-year-old and was admitted with fever and breathing problems.

The fourth person was a 68-year-old person from East Plant Bustee. He was admitted with diabetic problems on July 26.

Another 59-year-old woman from Domuhani, Nirmal Nagar also died in TMH during treatment.

She was admitted in TMH on July 16. She did not have any ostensible co-morbidity and was admitted with fever and diarrhoea. During treatment she was found Covid positive.

Similarly, a 78-year-old man of Kitadih also died during treatment. He was admitted with high fever and breathing difficulty. He died at 11 a.m. on Sunday.

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On other other hand, a 53-year-old man from Sonari, Gopi Krishna Apartment also died during treatment. He was admitted in TMH on August 14. He died Sunday afternoon.

Similarly two other male patients, one 59 and another 66, also died due to Covid-related complications.

Meanwhile, on Sunday 83 new positive cases were detected taking the number of infections in the city to 3821. Today 19 patients were cured and discharged. Till date 2109 persons have recovered in the district.

136 deaths out of total 3821 infections till date in the city means the mortality rate comes to around 3.56% [(136/3821) x 100= 3.559%], which is quite high compared to the national rate of 1.93%

The number of deaths due to corona in the city is quite high and it is causing anxiety among the concerned citizens.

9 deaths in 48 hours the city is causing a big scare in the city. This when at the national level, the fatality rate is falling and has come down, as shown by govt data, even up to 1.93%, one of the lowest in the world.

Yet, the mortality rate in the city hospitals seems to be quite high. No comprehensive data at the city level is available in the public domain for now, yet even assuming that 100 new cases are being detected every day, the mortality rate should come to around 2 per day, if one goes by the national average fatality rate of 1.93% at present.

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But, daily deaths in the city are reaching even half a dozen figure frequently. 9 deaths in 48 hours is something that is making the people of this city anxious.

As this article argues, it is difficult to correctly estimate the fatality rate of an ongoing pandemic, as one has to presume that all the patients being treated now will be ultimately cured and will not die, yet, the final fatality rate will likely go up and not come down.

A mortality rate of 3.56% is something that will definitely make the district authorities sit up and take notice.

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