Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Ruckus over death of a woman in Vidyapati Nagar, brother alleges homicide

Jamshedpur: A woman was found dead in Vidyapati Nagar. The reasons for her death are not very clear. Her family members have alleged that she was killed at her in-laws’ house.

A woman was found dead in Vidyapati Nagar. Her brother has arrived from Patna. He and other local people of that locality have alleged that the in-laws’ family was behind her death.

The brother of the deceased woman said that her in-laws were harassing her. Even the locals said that the deceased was not even being given proper meals and the in-laws used to fight with her frequently.

Woman dies in Sidhgora vidyapatinagar and brother alleges homicide
Deceased woman. (Old Photo courtesy family)

One local lady alleged that she had talked to the deceased woman 10 minutes back. She said that she cannot commit suicide within 10 minutes of having talked to her as she was perfectly normal.

Brother alleges homicide of his sister.

The brother of the deceased along with locals and neighbours created a ruckus demanding arrest of the in-law family members and proper investigation into the matter.

A local woman claims she spoke with the deceased 10 minutes earlier.

The police soon arrived at the site of occurrence and sent the dead body for post mortem. Police are looking into all aspects of the case.

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