Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Corona kills 3 including 2 ex-employees of Tata Steel on Saturday, total death toll 124

Jamshedpur: Corona killed 3 more persons in the city on Saturday. The deceased included two ex-employees of Tata Steel. Both ex-employees of Tata Steel died in TMH and both were ex-employees of Tata Steel. Another person has died in TMH on Saturday.

With these 3 deaths on Saturday, the total death tally for the city has now reached 123.

According to information received, the first person who died was 77-year-old and was a resident of Sitaramdera. He was admitted with fever and other symptoms. He was a retired Tata Steel employee.

The other person was 68-year-old and he was a resident of Burmamines. He too was a retired Tata Steel employee. He died early Saturday morning.

Another person died in TMH on Saturday. Not much details could be found about him.

On Friday, 9 persons had died in the city, which was the maximum death in a day for the city.

On Friday itself the a doctor Dr. M M Agrawal too had died in TMH of corona.

It was the first casualty of a doctor in the city due to Covid-19.

The number of deaths in the city is quite high and it is causing anxiety among the concerned citizens.

New infections too are rising with time, while the administration is trying hard to cope with the rise in numbers.

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