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TMH brings smile back to Covid-19 positive octogenarian couple’s family

Jamshedpur: Treating and managing Covid-19 patients is a big challenge for health professionals and hospitals all over the world.

With no known cure and no tested and proven line of treatment, it all boils down to using clinical experience of the treating medical professionals.

It is like groping in the dark, where your instincts and years of experience help you.

True, Indian government and ICMR have been prescribing methods and approaches to manage the disease clinically.

And almost all these prescriptions and methods come down to one simple fact – the treating doctor knows the best.

As the number of patients increases, the health professionals too are gaining experience and new insights into the behaviour of the virus.

This is coming in handy in the successful management of even patients with multiple co-morbidities.

TMH is one hospital which has been handling a large number of Covid-19 patients for several weeks.

And it has been putting its vast experience to good use.

It has cured and discharged a large number of patients successfully.

Even those with co-morbidities and age.

A case in point is that of successful treatment of 83-year-old S K Saha and his 80-year-old wife.

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83-year-old Mr Sushen Kumar Saha was released from TMH on August 10, 2020 after his successful fight against Covid for almost a month.

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His wife, Mrs Amiya Saha, 80, who had also tested Covid positive with several co-morbid conditions was released on August 13, 2020 evening from Jamshedpur’s health hub, TMH.

They were admitted in TMH on July 22, 2020.

Octogenarian couple’s son Mr Indranil Saha, Chief, Mines Planning in Natural Resource Department of Tata Steel is all praise for the management of illness by TMH.

He says, “My parents were fighting against COVID for a month. They are fine now with God’s grace. I extend my sincere thanks to TMH for constant support and care during this critical time. Despite several constraints, my sincere thanks to TMH doctors and their team for giving a new life to my octogenarian parents.”

Mrs. Amiya Saha has been a neuro patient and she has been under treatment of AIIMS hospital, Delhi.

Further, she also has problems of hypertension, sugar and cholesterol and also have a pacemaker Implanted. Besides, earlier, she was also unable to walk or eat on her own.

However, now the couple is not only cured and discharged, but healthy and happy and amidst its family.

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A big success for health professionals and medical science, even without there being any vaccine or proven cure available.

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