Thursday, June 24, 2021

Mahagama MLA Deepika Pandey Singh tests positive for Covid-19, goes into self-isolation

Jamshedpur: Deepika Pandey Singh, the Congress MLA from Mahagama, has tested positive for Corona. She has gone on self-isolation.

After reaching Jamshedpur, she got herself tested for Covid-19 and was found positive.

She lives in Sonari with husband and children. Her husband works in Tata Steel.

Deepika Pandey Singh herself tweeted about her being found positive and about her going in self-isolation.

In her tweet, she advised everyone who came in her contact during the last few days to take care.

Ms. Singh had worked in a newspaper group for a few years. Later, she joined politics and was also a part of Rahul Gandhi’s team. Her mother Pratibha Singh is a former state president of the women’s wing of Indian National Congress.

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