Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Jharkhand Chhatra Morcha students stop barricade construction on disputed site

Jamshedpur: Members of Jharkhand Chhatra Morcha stopped the barricade construction work being carried out by Jusco on the disputed land situated on Jamshedpur Co-Operative College premises.

Several members of Jharkhand Chhatra Morcha reached the site of construction where barricading was being done and stopped the work.

JCM stops barricading work.

The dispute over the title of the land has been on for the last six years and is currently sub-judice.

The students allege that the opposite party is trying to take advantage of less presence of students during lockdown.

They said that since the issue is sub-judice there is no justification in carrying out any construction work without talks and consensus between the college management, students and the company management.

Pappu Yadav, Kolhan Secretary of JCM, talks about the dispute and the reason for stopping barricading work.

The students who reached the construction site included Pappu Yadav, Kolhan secretary of JCM, Rajani Das, Ajay Homhaga, Renu Mandal, Rajesh Murmu, Prince Singh, K K Kamat, Vipin Shuila, Ajay and others.

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