Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Social distancing norms now violated in Jamshedpur Women’s College

Jamshedpur: Social distancing norms are being openly flouted in the government colleges of Jamshedpur.

The management of these city colleges are neither making any arrangement for controlling the crowd of students assembling on the college premises, nor any provision of sanitisers or hand washing is being made.

On Monday, a crowd was seen in Jamshedpur Workers’ College.

Without learning from what happened in Jamshedpur Workers’ College, the same circumstances were repeated in Jamshedpur Women’s College too.

No social distancing arrangements in Jamshedpur Women’s College on August 11, 2020.

Hundreds of girl students were called to the college for distribution of mark-sheets.

However, the college management had not taken any ostensible step to maintain social distancing on the campus.

A large crowd of girls could be seen on the campus, flouting all norms of social distancing.

At a time, when Corona is getting serious with time in the city, the sagacity of the college management in not opting for online or electronic methods for academic and non-academic purposes is being questioned.

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