Thursday, June 24, 2021

“Kisi ke baap ka Hindustan thodi hai” fame poet Rahat Indori dies of Corona

New Delhi: Well-known Urdu poet Rahat Indori passed away Tuesday after two massive back-to-back heart attacks.

He was being treated at Sri Aurobindo Hospital after testing positive for Covid-19.

According to his doctors, he had 60% pneumonia and also suffered heart attacks.

Rahat Indori came into limelight for his hard-hitting Urdu couplets. The most famous lines from him were:

“सभी का खून है शामिल यहाँ की मिट्टी में,

किसी के बाप का हिंदुस्तान थोड़ी है”

He was also talked about for his lines:

Ab ke jo faisla hoga wo yahin par hoga

Humse ab doosri hijrat nahi hone wali

It loosely meant: “Whatever is to be decided will be decided here only. We will not migrate again (hijarat).”

He also was known as someone who opposed CAA.

Rahat Indori had visited Jamshedpur and taken part in poetry sessions here several times.

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