Thursday, June 24, 2021

DC issues strict social distancing orders for vehicles plying in East Singhbhum

Rs. 500 fine for not wearing mask, Rs. 1000 penalty for not wearing helmet

Jamshedpur: Not wearing mask in public places would attract a fine of Rs. 500 in East Singhbhum district. Rs. 500 fine would also be imposed for violating social distancing norms in passenger vehicles. Not wearing helmet while riding bike can bring in a Rs. 1000 penalty.

The DC of East Singhbhum Suraj Kumar Tuesday issued a strict order to ensure compliance of social distancing norms in the district. He ordered that strict action be taken against those found violating social distancing norms.

The latest orders have made wearing of helmet and mask mandatory for bike riders and violation would attract Rs. 1000 penalty.

For taxi drivers, sharing based booking has been disallowed.

Keeping a spray sanitiser in taxis is mandatory now and the seats would have to be mandatorily sanitised before another passenger seats on them.

In 5-seater taxis only 2 passengers plus one driver would be allowed and in 6-7 seater taxis, only 3 passengers and one driver would be allowed.

Passengers would have to wear mask during travel.

For auto-rickshaws outside the containment zone, the travellers would have to keep details of the registration number of the auto, driver’s name and mobile number and they would have to provide it to the administration on being sought by it.

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