Monday, June 14, 2021

Corona takes 7 lives in city on Monday, total death toll for city 78

Jamshedpur: The spread of Corona virus and the trend of fatalities caused by it in Jamshedpur are still unrelenting and unsparing. The virus took 7 lives in the city on Monday including one patient from Dhanbad and one from West Singhbhum.

A 48-year-old resident of Kumaharpara, one 71-year-old person of Govindpur and a 48-year person from Jugsalai too have died. Similarly, a person from from Dhanbad too has succumbed from Corona complications.

In all, 5 persons from Jamshedpur, one from Dhanbad and one from West Singhbhum died of Covid on Monday.

The 7 Corona victims of today included a 48-year-old woman of Jugsalai. She was admitted in TMH on August 5 with breathing difficulties and fever. She died Monday.

Similarly, a 69-year-old resident of Kadma succumbed to complications. He was admitted in TMH on August 1 last.

Similarly, a 62-year-old woman of Golmuri died. She was admitted for treatment on July 28 with breathing difficulties and high fever.

The fourth person who died Monday was a 60-year-old woman of West Singhbhum.

The death toll for Monday was 4, on last Saturday it was 8 and on last Friday it was 7. In all, 23 people have died within a short span of 4 days.

Till date 85 people have died of Corona in Jamshedpur, while 55 of them have died within the last 10 days in the city.

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