Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Corona takes 7 more lives in Jamshedpur on Saturday, total deaths now 69

Jamshedpur: Corona has taken 7 more lives in Jamshedpur on Saturday. All four patients died in TMH. This takes the death toll in the city to 69.

Corona is refusing to relent in the city as the number of people dying in the city has become an everyday affair.

According to information received, three of the patients who died today were more than 75 years of age and all of three had breathing difficulties and were also suffering from fever.

All of those patients died of corona-related complications.

Another patient who died of Corona was 49-year-old person of Golmuri who was admitted in TMH on August 4, 2020. He died on Saturday in the morning.

The 75-year-old male patient was from Khuntadih and was admitted on August 6 in TMH. He too died Saturday morning.

The third 75-year-old patient was from Old Kashidih. He was admitted in TMH after showing symptoms of breathing problem and fever.

The fourth patient who died was 76 years of age and he was admitted in TMH with breathing difficulties on August 6. He died at 11 a.m. on Saturday.

Three other persons, one from Mango, one from Bagbera and one from Sitaramdera have died late evening taking the total toll for the city to 69.

One person from Ramgarh has also died on Saturday. Thus, in all, Corona has taken 8 lives on Saturday, including one from Ramgarh.

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On the other hand 96 persons were cured and discharged from hospital in the city on Saturday.

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