Business is down, don't know when it would be back: Shopkeepers

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Corona pandemic has hurt local business and economy like never before. Despite relaxations in lockdown rules, the signs of revival in business is still not visible.

The small traders and businessmen, shopkeepers and vendors all are reeling under the impact of Corona. No one knows when the business activities would get to normal. No one is buying school bags, because children are not going to schools. No one is buying fruits, because of fear of corona. And if they are not buying, their suppliers too are unable to sell. The entire supply chain is affected too.

Our cub reporter Anurag Arbind goes around Bistupur market to have a chit-chat with various shopkeepers. And he comes back with disappointment. No shopkeeper is happy with the way things are going. Things, instead of looking up, are only worsening. Lost business never comes back in the old shape. They are unable to say what will ultimately happen to the markets and consumer demands.

Listen to the last part of his discussion with shopkeepers.

Anurag speaks with a Rakhi seller
Anurag speaks with a Rakhi seller

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