Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Talks between SDO and striking RHM Health Workers fail

Jamshedpur: The strike of Rural Health Mission (RHM) health workers is likely to continue as the talks between the striking health workers and the SDO have failed. The RHM health workers have made it clear that their strike would continue till all their demands are met.

All the RHM Health Workers posted in different government hospitals of Jamshedpur have been on strike for the last four days demanding equal wages for equal work and employment in permanent job.

RHM workers on strike in Jamshedpur
RHM workers on strike in Jamshedpur

The RHM workers’ strike has started impacting the health services in the Sadar Hospital as well as different health centers in the rural areas.

Covid-19 has already stretched the resources in the district and there is a paucity of health workers in the hospitals and health centres.

RHM workers on strike in Jamshedpur.

The RHM workers have made it clear that although the SDO has assured them that the government would be apprised with their demands, their demands are not being met directly.

On the other hand the Civil Surgeon has said that the government has to take steps in this direction.

The Civl Surgeon Dr M N Jha said that for now ANM and outsourcing employees are being employed, but if the strike continues for too long, the situation can turn grim.

Civil Surgeon Dr M N Jha talks about RHM workers’ strike and impact on health services.

He, however, added that the tests for Covid-19 is on in Sadar Hospital.

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