Monday, December 6, 2021

Several junior doctors of TMH resign for higher studies

Jamshedpur: A number of junior doctors of Tata Main Hospital have resigned.

The company management has not divulged the number of junior doctors who have resigned, but sources indicate that the number may be more than 30.

However, the company sources say that it is a routine development and every year after the results of the DNB are announced, many junior doctors do tender resignation to continue their higher studies.

The company management says that this happens every year and this is a normal process. There is no reason for worrying over this.

TMH is the main Covid centre of the city and this resignation by a few junior doctors will not impact the health facilities in TMH in any way.

Sources say that around 20 new doctors join TMH every month, and about the same number of doctors also leave the hospital to join elsewhere.

However, it has not been known yet how many junior doctors have resigned for further studies.

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