Monday, December 6, 2021

Saryu Roy takes up closure of Kantilal Gandhi Memorial Hospital with CM

Jamshedpur: Saryu Roy, MP, Jamshedpur East, has taken up the matter of the closure of Kantilal Gandhi Memorial Hospital with the Chief Minister Hemant Soren and expressed concern at teh closure of the hospital.

In a statement, Mr. Saryu Roy has said that the closure of a big hospital amid Corona crisis is worrisome. Not a single big hospital has been added in the city for several years and this closure has come as a big loss for the city.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Mr. Roy said that Medica Hospital was running in Bistupur for the last 5 years. Earlier, the hospital was known as Kantilal Gandhi Memorial Hospital.

He said: “For the last one week, the employees of different categories have been meeting me and expressing concern over their unemployment if the hospital is closed.”

He said in his statement that all sources confirm that the hospital is being closed as the original’s contract with Medica was for 5 years only. Mr. Roy said that it is unbelievable that any organization will agree to run a hospital only for five years.

Mr. Roy has urged the Chief Minister, Chief Secretary or the Health Minister himself to issue a statement on the issue.

He said that there are indications that this hospital may be turned into Covid hospital. He said that there are patients of other ailments too and they too need health services.

Mr. Roy said that the state government, Tata Steel management and Medica Hospital management should make it clear if they are not interested in running this hospital.

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